How we can help you

These are all ways we’ve helped our clients achieve the results they crave over the years. If you don’t see what you want, but it fits under the broad umbrella of writing, sales or marketing, then please just drop us a line. What’s the worst that can happen?

Website Copy

Your website is the place where you can tell your story, show your personality and demonstrate why you are different – and better than everyone else in the market.  Using our extensive sales and marketing experience, combined with the ability to think and work in a creative, innovative manner, we will do exactly that for you, giving your site the very best opportunity to drive your business forward.

Marketing/Sales Literature

We have worked with and for some of the biggest and most important brands on the planet, have extensive sales experience and are fully qualified in inbound marketing. We not only know what your company needs to say to attract, convert and retain customers, but are able to articulate it in a creative, informative and above all, engaging manner.

Whether it’s your brochures, emails, landing pages, press releases, adverts, LinkedIn profiles – anything, we can take care of it, it’s what we do best. Leaving you the time and energy to get on with what you do best – growing your business.


Whatever crowdfunding site you are looking to use, be it Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any of the myriad of others out there, writing the campaign is a unique skill, and one that needs to be done correctly. Not only do you have to comply with some fairly strict guidelines and formats, but you will only get one bite of the cherry. Get it wrong and you can kiss goodbye to that much needed funding – and your dream. We have experience in writing campaigns for all manner of projects from films to electronics from health spas to TV shows. Let us give you the best shot at making your dreams a reality.


As well as business and sales articles, we have a broad knowledge of and experience in writing hard hitting, engaging, and informative articles on a wide range of topics including sports, health, lifestyle, property development and travel.

Keywords and SEO

We can use the words specific for your industry, market and niche – the words that your customers and future customers are searching for online. But what we always do is ensure that they are used in a way that still gives value to the reader. We don’t use a scatter gun to randomly throw them into the text. Instead we weave the right words, meaningfully, realistically and seamlessly into your site or article, giving the reader the information they want, directing more traffic to your site, and getting you higher up the search engine listings.

Ghost Writing

Ian is a prize winning published author, as well as a lecturer on creative writing. He is experienced in many different genres, formats and lengths, from flash to full length manuscripts. If you need a helping hand getting your book over the line, or a series written from scratch get in touch.


You have taken years to get where you are today. Let us take you to where you want to be tomorrow.